Alright, so this is the part of the page where I list all of the websites I visit frequently and tell you to go to them because I like them so much. Because I'm such a swell person, I've organized them into various stupid categories to make this list even better. So, uh, have a good time and come back and see me.

My Other Websites:

Ben's House - The official Ben Stein home page.
Distant Mine - A Radar Brothers fan site. - If you went to high school in Maryland, this might be for you. - Did you graduate law school with Ben Stein?
Yes, You Can Time the Market! - It's a book. Maybe you should read it if you're into timing the market.

Some Recommended Music:

Barenaked Ladies, Brave Combo, The Chemistry Set, Guided by Voices, John Wesley Harding, Harvey Danger, Idaho, Iron and Wine, Billy Joel, Moving Units, Pernice Brothers, Rahim Quazi, Radar Brothers, REM, Josh Rouse, They Might Be Giants, Doc Watson.

You might also want to check out my Launchcast station.

Some Swell Movies:

Airplane!, As Good As It Gets, Beavis and Butt-Head Do America, Being John Malkovich, Cannibal! The Musical, I Heart Huckabees, Man on the Train, Memento, Mr. Holland's Opus, Network, The Shawshank Redemption, The Sixth Sense.

People Whose Stand-Up Comedy I Find Funny (obviously, I need to see more stand-up, which isn't going to really happen in Utah):

Dana Carvey, Jim Gaffigan, Mitch Hedberg (RIP), Greg Proops, Wanda Sykes, Robin Weinburgh.

Weather Links:

Bad Meteorology - A little weather humor.
National Hurricane Center - To work here would be my dream job. For now, this is a good place to get the latest info about what's going on in the tropics.
National Weather Service Houston/Galveston - This is where I worked for two summers before I graduated.
National Weather Service Salt Lake City - I bet you can never guess why this is here.
Texas A&M Meteorology - They gave me a degree, right?
UCAR Weather - Need some weather data?
University of Illinois Meteorology Guide - Great site which covers a lot of the basics of meteorology.


Bob's Blah-Blah-Blog - Bob Child is back, ya'll. One of my favorite ex-Weather Channel people.
Frontburner - D Magazine's blog about Dallas. - All the cool kids have an LJ.
My Livejournal Friends List - The ultimate time wasting tool.
Postsecret - Oddly compelling.
SumBerry's Blog - My favorite accountant.

Other stuff:

Boston Legal - James Spader + Candice Bergen + Shatner + the guy who played Odo = hilarity. If you haven't seen it, you should.
Dallas Observer - A very cool free weekly paper, if only for Jim Schutze's column and the music section.
House MD - I never thought I'd find myself watching a medical drama on a regular basis.
In Passing - Things are so much funnier when taken out of context. This needs to be updated more. - Because Iron Chef rocks my socks.
Pollstar - What good music is coming to town?
Recipezaar - Recipes rule!
Texas A&M University - Because I am an alumnus. - Home of Amanda, my sister.

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