So this is the spot where I shamelessly promote my music. There isn't a lot here right now because I haven't recorded a lot of it, but here it is.

The Aaron Burr Conspiracy:

The ABC is my electronic music project. Between March of 2000 and January of 2001 I created seven songs using Mixman Studio Pro. They range in style from dark Drum and Bass to happy Country-Latin-Techno. I put all of those songs on a CD which I called Remember When Your Eyes Say It. Below is a list of the songs with brief descriptions (and links to full-length MP3s).

Aluminum Laser - Country-latin-techno... something. It's probably the weirdest thing I've ever done, plus it has some guy witnessing the Hindenberg explosion. How cool is that?

Antic Disposition (The Continuing Saga of AP English) - More breakbeat, ABC style. Lots of drums, super-dee-duper bass, and Ben misquoting Hamlet! Woo hoo!

Carson O'Genic - A psycho little thing that can't decide what it wants to be. Funky guitar meshed with industrial synth meshed with happy keyboards, Carson Daly, and a siren.

Colortini - Amanda's favorite so far. It has a groove that makes you want to dance stupidly, and then it has Tom Snyder's laugh. Grab an adult beverage. Enjoy.

Inappropriate Lady Friends - A slow, funky, groovy little ditty. Sample heavy, rump-shaking music. You will love it. Yes.

Our Submerged President - This was my first creation. Synths ascending and descending, drums banging, and Teddy Roosevelt. I would call it Electronica, while others would say it sound like Pink Floyd. 

The Saga of AP English (or Why Agamemnon Should Have Been Nicer to Achilleus) - My attempt at breakbeat. Busy drums, weird noises, Mr. Patton reading from The Iliad, and Mr. Wood saying that it's bad. Badbadbadbad, m'kay?

I've recently been introduced to Reason, so once I find the time to learn how to use it (that could take awhile), the ABC might make a comeback.

Lacy Lakeview:

That's the unofficial name I've given to my solo guitar project, though it might change at some point. It is almost exclusively slow, simple, kind of melodic, instrumental guitar music (because I can't sing at all). I spent a lot of time working on this at school because it was a lot easier to grab the guitar and start strumming when I had a few minutes (rather than starting up Mixman or something). I haven't recorded any of the songs yet, but I plan on making some rough recordings eventually (once I have more than three songs I feel comfortable playing for other people, which is the case right now) and I plan to put them up here. I hope that by putting them online I may grab the interest of some singer, guitar player, bassist, drummer, or whatever who thinks they can add something to the songs. I think the project would be a lot greater with something added to it. My e-mail address is at the bottom of the page.

Random drummer stuff:

My primary instrument is the drums, and I've spent a lot of time drumming in various bands, few of which have actually recorded anything. This is where I'll put some recordings of the various projects I've drummed on. Presently, I only have a recording of a live performance of my old band Ream. I don't know if the other band members want their full names listed on here because I'm not in contact with them, so I'll just talk about them using first names. Angela was the singer, guitarist, and primary songwriter, Aaron was the bass player, and Amanda (my sister) was the keyboard player and percussionist. Some time in the near future, I plan to put a few MP3s of that performance up here, once I can find where that CD went.

In the summer and fall of 2002, I played percussion for Prack. This was a collaboration between me and a guitarist/vocalist/songwriter type person. We ended up recording a CD (because he paid!) in the fall of 2002 called Never Been More Raw (I didn't name it.) The music sounded kind of like a cross between Nirvana and Staind. I don't particularly care for either of those bands, but it was fun to be playing something and to record in a studio. I'll put up an MP3 or two from the EP when I'm feeling less lazy. ;)

Finally, it should be noted that I am listening to Eddie Money as I updated this page. Don't hate me.

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