Curious about me, are you? Let's see if I can help you out. I'm a meteorologist and recent transplant to Salt Lake City, UT. I came here for a job, and though I miss home, I'm enjoying every minute here. When I'm not working or continuing my exploration of the city, I enjoy listening to and playing music, catching up on all the movies I missed during college, attempting to cook, reading books of varying degrees of quality, and brushing up on my useless facts so I can continue to be a halfway impressive at Trivial Pursuit.

If that's not enough information for you, I've completed one of those really lame "about me" surveys that I've ripped from Livejournal that you may peruse at your leisure. It's a little long, but don't say that I didn't warn you.

Real Name: Monica
Nicknames that have been made up for you or you've been called: Mon, Moni, Monic, Shamonica, Moonica, Monotonica, Prudica, Moniqua.
Gender: Female
Birthplace: New Hyde Park, New York
Birthdate: 27 February 1983
Currently live in: Salt Lake City, UT
Have any brothers, sisters: I have a twin sister and an older half-brother.
Eye color: Hazel
Height: 5'6"
Contacts/glasses: Neither
Do you play any sports?: I play on a softball team and a bowling league with my co-workers. Ooh.
Piercings: My ears.
Tattoos: None.

Type of music: Any of the various forms of rock and/or roll.
Group(s): Barenaked Ladies and Radar Bros. always get top honors. Honorable mention goes to Billy Joel, Harvey Danger, John Wesley Harding, REM, They Might Be Giants, Josh Rouse, Idaho, Guided by Voices, Moving Units, Pernice Brothers, Iron and Wine, and Doc Watson.
CD: They're all my children; I can't pick just one.
Movie: You get a list. Deal with it. As Good As It Gets, Mr. Holland's Opus, Being John Malkovich, Airplane!, Man on the Train, Network, Beavis and Butt-Head Do America, I Heart Huckabees, Cannibal! the Musical, Memento.
Vacation Spot: I always enjoy visiting family, so either Florida or Texas.
Place to hang out: My apartment.
Holiday: July 4th, I always enjoy good grillinz. Plus, I'm a bit of a pyro.
Season: Spring, though fall is gaining ground now that I live in a place where the leaves change color.
Day of the week: My days off vary. Therefore, the answer to this does as well.
Sport: Bowling
Sport to watch: Basketball
Family member: My sister.
Store: Target. It's an all purpose shopping spot. I'm just kind of disappointed that the closest one to me is now twenty minutes away. Everything else is so close.
Hair style (for guys): Short, as a general rule. Like with most things, though, some exceptions exist.
Hair style (for girls): I wear my hair long, so I'm kind of biased that way.
Country: United States, since I've never been anywhere else. I hope that will change at some point, though.
Smell: The ground after it's rained, for the dorky meteorologist in all of us.
Food: Chicken soup, sushi, Mexican, pho, most any seafood.
Kind of book: A good one. I'm so witty.
Planet: Earth, since I've never been anywhere else ;).
Favorite joke: Okay, so one atom says to another atom, "You know, I think I've lost an electron." The other atom asks, "Are you sure?" and the first one says, "I'm positive."
Color of clothing: Green or blue.
Word: "Dude," because it makes me sound so intellectual.
Animal: Cats.
Pet: My cats. They rule.
Radio Station: Jack FM, because it's just as cool in Dallas as it is in Salt Lake City. Also, Movin' 100.7 plays all of my guilty pleasure music.
Television station: Probably either Comedy Central or Food Network.
Electrically powered device: This fine computer.
Quote: "Everything happens for a reason, no matter how stupid."
Thing to do on a hot day:
Go to a water park.
On a cold day: Stay in bed for awhile. It's warmer under the blankets.
On a rainy day: Sit on the porch (though I don't have one here) and hope for a nice lightning show.
Number: 3 or 42.
Color of m&m: Brown
Type of tree: Pine
Disney movie: Monsters Inc.
Street name: Lois Lane
Soda: Seltzer water aka that sparkling water stuff aka soda water.
Magazine: Spin.
Coin: Quarters, but not on my table.
Basketball team: Dallas Mavericks, yo.
Gum: The gum they have at El Fenix, spearmint flavor.
Jolly Rancher: It's all about grape.
Weather: 70s, sunny, calm winds if I'm out and about. If I have nothing to do, a raging thunderstorm is nice.
Vegetable: Sweet potatoes.
Actor: Kevin Spacey, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Tom Wilkinson.
Computer game: Sid Meier's Pirates or The Sims 2.
Ice-cream flavor: Chocolate chocolate chip.
Board game: The Game of Life, Clue or Trivial Pursuit.
Cereal: Kix
Island: As Enos has decreed my previous answer of "Australia" to be unacceptable, I change my answer to Madagascar, because I can.
Language: English

Would you ever:
Eat bugs on purpose:
Commit a crime: If there was a damn good reason.
Change your religion: Sure, if there's convincing evidence.
Lie to your Parents: I try to avoid that.
Jump off a waterfall: No, I'm a wuss.
Dress up as the opposite sex: I have. It's not so controversial for girls to do that.
Sing in front of a lot of people: A few have already been scarred by my off-key singing.
Tell a much older person that you like them: No comment.
Eat dog/cat food: No, that's okay.
Swim in shark infested waters: I think I'll pass.
Go to school naked: Uh, no.

:Have you ever:
Had your life threatened:
Not seriously.
Stumbled across top secret documents: Not yet.
Stayed up until the morning chatting online: Past midnight, yeah. Until dawn, no.
Read a Shakespeare play: Yes
Performed in a Shakespeare play: I had to recite the "Friends, Romans, Countrymen" speech from "Julius Caesar" for my sophomore English class. Does that count?
Written a play: No, but I know somebody who has.
Written a book: No. Maybe someday.
Stole someone else's book and said you wrote it: I can't say that I have.
Written a poem: Yeah.
Stole a poem and said you wrote it: No.
What did you say: What did you say?
Sung at a karaoke bar: Indeed I have. Everyone who witnessed it is forever traumatized.
Looked something up online you were told not to or know your not supposed to look up: Yeah.
Been run over: No.
Wanted someone you couldn't have: Sure. It happens to the best of us.
Taken incriminating pictures: No.
Been in incriminating pictures: No.
Blackmailed someone: In jest.
The person you talk to the most online: I don't do much IMing, so I'm not sure.
On the phone: Mom, Dad or Amanda. They're really the only people I like to talk to on the phone for extended periods of time.

:Which one:
Plastic or paper bag:
Carpeted or wood floor: Carpet
Paint or wallpaper: Paint
E-mail or snail mail: E-mail
sunrise or sunset: Sunset
Lake or ocean: Lake
Walk or run: Walk
Water-skiing or regular skiing: Snowboarding.
Golf or mini-golf: It's all about mini golf.
Gold or silver: Silver
Phone or computer: Computer
Black and white, or colored: Colored, usually.
Knock or doorbell: Doorbell
Vanilla or chocolate: Chocolate.
Laugh or cry: Laugh
Whisper or scream: Whisper
Happy or sad: Happy
Was this a pain in the butt?: I kind of enjoyed it, actually.

And if that's not enough for you, you can always e-mail me.

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